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Tag: Taxes
14 November 2022 - 10:36, by , in Blog, No comments
Your contributions to your Solo 401k don’t just reduce your taxable income, they are make you eligible for extra tax credits and deductions.  Adjusted Gross Income (“AGI”) is often the input in determining whether you are eligible for tax credits and deductions.  Accordingly, the lower your AGI the more likely it is you will be...
25 August 2022 - 22:49, by , in Blog, No comments
If you are a solopreneur who fell in love with another solopreneur then congrats!  You are well on your way to a spousal Solo 401k.  You can both set up your own Solo 401k and build tax-advantaged wealth faster than your friends who are employees.  But what if you are a solopreneur who fell in...