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Financial Planning

How do you know if you need a financial planner?  In short, a financial planner aligns your life goals with your financial resources.  As your goals and lifestyle change so will your financial plan.  It’s these moments of change that are critical in financial planning.  Some common questions that you might be asking are:

  • We are having a child soon.  What should we do to prepare financially for this big change?
  • We are getting married.  What steps do we need to take to bring our finances together?
  • I just changed jobs.  What should I do about my retirement plan?
  • How do I purchase a home?
  • Am I financially secure enough to stop working?
  • What considerations do I need to make when I start my business?
  • I am about to invest a large sum of capital.  How do I manage my risk?
  • We’ve just had a death in the family.  What do we do?

Perhaps your life isn’t currently in flux, but you have questions about how your financial resources are impacting your life.  Other questions that might indicate your need for a financial plan are:

  • How does my portfolio tie in to my life goals?
  • How do I decipher my company’s retirement plan materials?
  • How will I pay for the life that I desire?
  • How do I lower the amount of taxes I am paying?
  • How do I put my child through college?

If you need a financial planner call (805) 655-5062 to learn how to achieve your life goals!  You can also click here to take your risk tolerance assessment.

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